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Mr. Kellener and his firm was very professional and obtained a favorable settlement for me in a very timely manner. Highly recommend.

- Patrick Wood

This firm has been with me since the very beginning. Without them, I think I would have been absolutely destroyed by the system and they are defending my innocence all the way to the finish line so far.

I appreciate everything David and Joe have done for me and my wife and children so far and continue to do. I understand they are very busy people and must confess that the communication between them is mostly my issue, I usually do not call or text or email when I have a question right away and just wait or assume things.

But whenever I do reach out they answer and give me the answers I need to hear and what I need to do.

No firm is perfect, but Dignity Law Group is very, very close to it though. If you want someone that will fight for you and work with you, give them a call.

I do no regret seeking their counsel whatsoever so far and I will update you when everything on my case has been finished. I suggest them either way though.

- Shadow Gaming

I had a mold problem in my apartment no one would touch my case unless there was serious medical issues. I knew deep down I had something legal potentially, without medical issues. I was on my last leg and almost gave up . I sent an email to ten attorneys on a Friday night. By Saturday morning David Green hit he stuck to it like glue . I wasn’t an easy person to deal with either however we were victorious thank, you David . He made a way where according to the masses was no way

- Kevin Michael

They helped me with a very difficult case, I recommend them 100% it is worth paying the expenses of a lawyer, do not go to court without a lawyer

- Henry Yanez

I would definitely recommend this team. Thank you dignity law! First of all we won! I am so grateful! The whole process was easy. They really really know there stuff. I mean I didn’t really understand how indepth but when he pulled another case story for reference to relate to mine…😳 That knowledge! And their personalities in court is the best! Their so badass. I would use them again if I had too.

Even when I messed up on responding to court papers, THANK GOD omg they helped me so I didn’t screw myself over in court. Joseph also guided me on my first case where the landlord was trying to sue me in small claims court. I lost the first time only for one of the items. Then Joseph told me I can appeal and how to do it and so I did.

That court date the appeal was after my evictions Court date. after going to court with Joseph and seeing him in action that gave me the confidence I needed for my appeal. I definitely had more confidence in talking and telling my story and defending myself versus the first time around where I was extremely timid and a nervous wreck.

So far I won two cases cause of dignity law

1. Small Claims

2. Evictions

- Esther Chung

Called concerning a situation I’m going through, Dignity law helped very quickly with a solution and advise. Highly recommended.

- Christian Benitez

David at Dignity Law represented us in a legal action against a very difficult landlord. Our lawsuit was resolved with a very satisfactory settlement. They were easy to work with and always worked with our best interests in mind. Highly recommended.

- Kendrick Wallace

Excellent service. Has helped me resolve a number of issues with my landlord. Always there when I need them. Thank you!

- Abby Horowitz

After leaving a message at their office David called me and advised how to proceed with the situation with my tenant. Excellent advice which the end result was great for my tenant and myself. Thanks, David and blessings 🙏🏼

- Francisco Hernandez

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