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Landlord / Tenant Eviction

If you’re renting a property in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles area, and you need to evict a tenant or deal with an eviction, we can help; however, it’s important to know that evicting a tenant is NOT easy, and can be time-consuming and quite expensive – especially if mistakes are made.

Your lease agreement outlines the terms the tenant must follow in order to maintain the lease. If the tenant fails to maintain the terms of the lease, you may exercise your legal power to evict the tenant. This is where we can help you secure a favorable outcome.

Dignity Law Group, APC is a private law firm. We bill on an hourly basis for eviction litigation. If you are a tenant facing an eviction who is looking for free or low cost services, we refer to:

There are also some free toolkits/guides online:

We do not endorse or recommend any of these firms, as results/experience may vary.

We also have a guide available on amazon.com "All You Need To Know About Rental Properties in Los Angeles."

For a free copy of our guide, please check in with us on Facebook and send us a screenshot of the check-in at info@dignitylawgroup.com

Frequently Asked Questions

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I just received a 3-day notice, can your law firm help?
My roommate, neighbor, or 3rd party is causing problems for me, can the landlord be held responsible?
I have mold, can I sue the landlord?
Am I entitled to relocation funds if I move or if my landlord wants me to move?
I believe that I am being harassed or discriminated against by the landlord/management company, can I sue?
I have rats/mice/bedbugs/roaches/no heat, etc., can I sue the landlord?

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