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Real Estate Litigation

Los Angeles is a dynamic and ever-evolving place for real estate litigation. Everything from rent control, predatory tenants, injuries, harassment, and slumlords, many lawsuits are filed every day for both landlords and tenants. Dignity Law Group, APC, has been at the forefront of real estate litigation. We've handled hundreds of evictions, habitability cases, and other real estate matters representing both property owners and tenants. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, and we know the claims and defenses that work.

Landlord/Tenant Litigation:

This is the most common type of matter we litigate on a daily basis. It encompasses a broad spectrum of issues such as evictions, habitability disputes, and tenant harassment claims. We are well-versed in resolving these complex matters for both landlords and tenants whether before trial or when presenting it to a Judge or Jury.

Nuisance Claims:

Unsafe or hazardous, illegal or substandard conditions can give rise to a private nuisance cause of action. If you're dealing with a landlord or neighbor's nuisance, our legal team can help you find a solution, ensuring a peaceful living environment.

Breach of Lease Agreements:

When lease agreements are violated, the non-breaching party may have legal claims. Minor breaches are often not viable for lawsuits, but every case is different.

Title Disputes:

Los Angeles is full of shady quiet-title or cloudy-title issues. Clear property titles are crucial to sell or otherwise divest a property. We know how to handle all sorts of title disputes or illegal claims on titles.

Construction Defect Claims:

Did you buy a house with a defect? Did you hire a contractor who did a bad job, or didn't finish the job? If your property suffers from construction defects, our attorneys are experienced in pursuing claims against builders and developers.

Real Estate Fraud Cases:

If you've been a victim of real estate fraud, we have a strong track record of uncovering fraudulent practices and seeking appropriate remedies.

At Dignity Law Group, APC, our commitment to being the premiere real estate litigation firm in Los Angeles has given us a unique, in-depth understanding of local laws, and our strategic approaches have led to notable outcomes for our clients.

David Greene and Joseph Kellener also authored the comprehensive guide "All You Need To Know About Property Rentals In Los Angeles 2023," which is available on Amazon.com in both print and digital formats. This guide provides invaluable insights into the ever-evolving world of property rentals, serving as an essential resource for landlords and tenants navigating the Los Angeles rental market.

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