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No one gets screwed over quite like an artist. Artists make art. Artists don’t often conduct business, know business, or even like talking about business. Most artists just want to be left alone to create, and ideally they want someone else to handle the business stuff and be honest. Because of this exact circumstance, Artists usually get involved in terrible deals that last far too long, or they sign away rights or someone infringes on their rights, and they don’t know how to deal with it.

David Greene got his undergraduate degree in Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College. As a film major he spent his college years learning the business of film and making films actually happened. When David realized that he was better at advocating for art than making it, he took his artistic sensibility and love for the arts to the business side.

David’s first job in Los Angeles was for a film and television production company. This was his first introduction to major studio productions for film and television projects. He became immersed in the behind the scene contract negotiations and decision making regarding Actors, Directors, Producers and Writers, and their respective unions. After his time there, David transitioned to the music industry as an artist advocate. In the music industry David ran labels, divisions of labels, merchandise companies, he worked in business and legal affairs and litigation departments for Warner Brothers’ Rhino Records and Universal Music Group.

When looking at Entertainment Law there is a huge benefit to being represented by a boutique firm, especially a firm who deals with artists and creative types on a daily basis. Smaller firms can provide a more attentive and artist friendly approach to difficult issues. We understand that an artist is a creative person who deserves personal attention and care – so that the art is never negatively impacted. In entertainment business relations, sometimes the business aspect can be scary and/or crippling to the creative, so we pride ourselves on effective communication in simple terms, and tireless advocacy. We handle the business so that you can handle the art. We believe that an artist who is well taken care of, and well represented, is all the more capable of creating timeless work.

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